4) DeMarini 2014 Vexxum Senior League Baseball Bat

$179.95 DeMarini Vexxum -10


Buy now: www.demarini.com

Legal for: All 1.15 BPF Leagues

The 2014 DeMarini Vexxum Senior League baseball bat has a typical badass DeMarini design along with all of its classic features to deliver a top-notch performing bat. The only disappointing thing about the 2014 Vexxum Senior League bat is that—it’s nothing new! RIP-IT, Easton and Louisville have seriously upped their game this year and have all come out with a whole new line of bats with new and improved features, designs and bats with overall better performance.

The 2014 DeMarini Vexxum is undeniably a solid bat. Pop and power are crucial reasons as to why the Vexxum has always done so well. The grip does a decent job of putting an end to vibrations and the barrel has a pretty large sweet spot. Bat speed is also something that the DeMarini Vexxum Senior League bat certainly doesn’t lack. The bat is well balanced and feels light. Durability, though, can sometimes be an issue with the DeMarini Vexxum. If you are a serious power hitter then you might want to look elsewhere if you want a bat with a ton of power that will last more than one season.

With all of these new 2014 baseball bats out, however, it is sad to see this once top-rated bat so low on our list. With the new RIP-IT Senior AIR series, the new Easton MAKO series, and Louisville Slugger Assault—DeMarini has fallen behind in our ranking. The DeMarini Vexxum just doesn’t quite compare to all of these new fierce 2014 bat lineups.

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